What Car Paint Protection Film Consists Of?

When you walk to your car, you see them. The transparent coating peels, scratches, cracks, and fades that darkens the exterior of your car. Not so long ago, your car was your most valuable possession. She has an elegant body style and beautiful colors.

The car protective film installed from Jr’s auto detailing is an additional protective layer for the car's transparent coating and exterior paint. Like a transparent coating, it protects the exterior from the elements, dirt, dust, UV rays, and more. Remove the film and you will find that your car's clean finish is as smooth and flawless as the day you bought it.

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How thin is the material as a protective film for painting a car? The film consists of four main layers with different purposes.

Clean coat

The top layer is a layer of transparent film. The clear coating is a protective surface but can be combined with an additional coating such as a ceramic coating or self-healing polymer elastomer.


The thickest part of the protective film is polyurethane, which makes the film durable. It is about 0.152 mm thick and makes up the bulk of the film.

Acrylic glue

Acrylic adhesive is the final layer of the film when installed on the vehicle. The acrylic adhesive is approximately 0.40 mm thick and adheres directly to the vehicle's surface.

Polyester release pad

This fourth layer is removable and is meant to protect the acrylic adhesive before it is installed. When removed, the adhesive will open and allow the film to adhere to the surface of the car.

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