Tips to Properly Care for Bathroom Sinks or Basins

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A bathroom sink can develop cracks for various reasons. While you can control many of them like temperature and impact, you can’t deny the aging of the material. And, if you want to avoid hefty replacement and plumbing charges, you should know how to elongate the sink’s life.

Here are some tips to take proper care of the bathroom fixture.

  • Don’t Delay Repairing Any Cracks You Find: Even a hairline crack can be dangerous if left unattended. So, considering the level of damage a crack can cause, it’s advised to get them repaired as soon as you discover them. While various DIY solutions like enamel kits and epoxy can help in some cases, those aren’t permanent fixes. You should always call a professional for the best advice.
  • Clean the Sink Regularly: Investing some effort in proper cleaning and maintenance is the key to the long life of the sink. Using non-abrasive material for regularly cleaning the sink can reduce the chances of cracks. Keeping the sink free of debris like chemicals and toothpaste also expands its life.
  • Use warm (and not hot) Water: Sudden temperature change can damage the sink. So, when you use hot water for washing hands or other jobs, the sink gets heated up and cools down immediately after the water flows down the drain. Here, using warm water reduces the temperature difference, hence reducing problems like swelling and cracks.

And if you feel like your sink isn’t performing well or is showing any signs of discoloration or damage, you should consult professional plumbers in the Coffs Harbour area.

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