The Benefits of Sports for Teens

With so many teens involved in sports, it is worth talking about the various benefits of athletics for teens.

Here is a list of reasons why exercise is good:

1) Exercise keeps you healthy

Exercise, which is associated with most sports, improves health, strength, and emotional balance. Exercise releases cortisol, which reduces stress; and endorphins, natural chemicals that feel good in our bodies. Participation in sports is linked to reduced heart disease and diabetes, among others. You can get in touch with Durrelliott to get the latest news updates for teens regarding sports.

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2) Exercise can improve academic achievement

Participation in university sports is associated with better grades and professional success in the workforce. When you are an athlete, you tend to have a more positive attitude about school, improved academic performance, and higher aspirations for college.

3) Sports assistance to form an identity

Like any after school activity, sport provides you with the unique positive benefits of identity building. Exercise is a great way for teens to make their own identity among people outside their families.

And because most sports take place after school, teens have the opportunity to transcend their identity in the classroom. Teens take pride in the fact that they are athletes, which helps them build an identity and differentiate themselves from their peers.

4) Exercise allows you to learn from role models

In addition, by becoming a team member, young people can bond with a mentor. Sports coaches are not teachers or parents during training. They help teens learn and grow in new and different ways according to new rules and regulations, and provide them with skills they cannot learn at home or in class.


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