So Many Ways To Earn CPE!

CPE is a requirement for continuing professional development. CPE, CE, RCH, etc., is a requirement to maintain many professional certifications such as the CPA and CMA. For obtaining the certificate for CPE then you can visit You must meet certain requirements to keep your professional certification. These vary depending on the type of certification.

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It's all about competence in the end. CPAs must participate in learning activities that enhance or maintain their professional competence. The NASBA guidelines, which were updated in 2016, cover the important aspect of choosing learning activities. This is not something to take lightly, as stated in the 2016 Statement on Standards for CPE Programs.

Competence is crucial because it determines one’s ability to perform professional duties correctly while maximizing performance and minimizing risk to the practitioner as well as their firms and companies. According to NASBA, the definition of professional competence is not limited. 

Acceptable continuing education programs can contribute to the development of professional skills. The decision about how to use CPE is largely up to the individual learner. This brings us to the core of why CPE is so varied and why CPE is important.

An explosion in information, data, regulations has impacted the accounting profession. The "need" to know is unstoppable. It seems to be growing faster in modern times, with modern communications and product, corporate, and other activity types. CPE has created a dynamic environment where CPAs must continuously keep up their competence due to the increasing specialization in technology and the complex nature of business transactions.


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