Guide to Condo Lighting

Condo renovations can be quite challenging considering the fact that you may be prohibited from undertaking a major remodeling job as per the building or association regulations. You can get the best condo renovation service in Vancouver via

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However, with a little lighting makeover, you may completely transform the aesthetic of your condo. You can make your condo appear larger, hide undesirable corners or regions, and make it look elegant by using suitable lighting strategies.

When it comes to picking lighting for your condo, you should think about each room or area independently and plan accordingly to determine which form of lighting will work best in that space.

Alternatively, you can use elegant lighting to make it the focal point of any room of your condo. Choose an appropriate type of light Typically, you need to choose between three types of lighting – accent lighting, general lighting, and task lighting. 

General lighting refers to lighting up the whole area evenly. General lighting is good for navigation. Accent lighting is also a concentrated type of lighting often used to highlight objects or walls that you would want everyone to notice.

Accent lighting is very inexpensive and is a smart choice if you want to define a space within a space or make your living space look larger. You can use a combination of all these lighting solutions to illuminate your condo as per your requirements. 


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