Calf Health Plan Is Vital For Growth Farming

Keeping healthy calves during the pre-weaning period is an important management practice to reduce all-cause mortality.

Morbidity and mortality are closely related. Therefore, it is important to maintain healthy calves during the pre-weaning period to reduce all-cause mortality costs. Here are some ways the child observation method can help.

Suction indicator

Breastfeeding is mandatory for calves as it causes the release of intestinal hormones. Cross-sucking can harm your calves and be a sign of disease.

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Through continuous measurement, the young animal tracking method monitors the amount and timing of cross-feeding in calves and also identifies key nursing areas that may cause behavior such as Timing and procedure of milk delivery or some other prominent behavioral requirement.

With this information, dairy farmers can develop more optimal management methods that promote normal development, reduce unwanted behavior, provide better livestock rearing strategies and prevent disease.

Rumination development

When ruminants first grow up, heavy feed intake is very low. When calves are six to eight months old, survival time increases in addition to heavy feed intake. This tool allows the farmer to see the calves before weaning them with antibiotics at the ideal time and prevent further illness or death.

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