Botox Treatment For Combating Lines and Wrinkles On Forehead

Botox is the most popular cosmetic for treating lines and wrinkles today. More than 3 million treatments are performed every year. Today, botox helps millions of people get rid of lines and wrinkles from their forehead. 

This treatment works by fighting wrinkles that form when nerve cells in muscles release a chemical called acetylcholine. These chemicals cause a reduction that creates forehead wrinkles. The injection interferes with the release of acetylcholine, which essentially paralyzes the muscle and prevents it from contracting. The results are visible in 3-5 days and last at least three months.

Botox treatment can reduce wrinkles by almost 80%, although the age of the patient can vary, usually ranging from 35 to 60 years. Results may vary depending on individual situations. You can choose the best treatment for forehead wrinkles via to get clear skin.

Getting this treatment is not difficult because injections can be given from a cosmetology clinic or dermatology clinic and do not require anesthesia. This is a very short treatment, lasting less than 20 minutes. The injection point is marked with a pencil and an antiseptic is applied. 

The beautician or dermatologist can select several points for each specific injection site. Sometimes the points are not in the folds, but in the area of muscle contraction. Botox is then injected in the marked area and the release of acetylcholine is reduced.

The most common side effect of Botox is minor redness during treatment. It will go away in 2-3 hours. Swelling, occasional headaches, and loose upper eyelid muscles may also occur, but are less common and the patient returns to normal within a few days.

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