Art Deco In Your Interior Design

Art deco, an elegant style in design, appeared after World War I and developed during the interwar period, in reply to the industrial revolution, the increasing role of technology, and the Art Nouveau style with its natural forms and curved lines.

The style influenced lots of design areas, such as automotive design, fashion, interior design, decorative art, cinema, and architecture. To know more about art deco lights  you can search the browser.

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 It is characterized by:

Symmetry and balance

Direct distinct lines

Angular forms

Affluent ornamentation

Nature motifs        

Rich striking contrasts

Bold geometrical forms

By the 1930s, the elements of the style were in mass production, allowing not only the elite but everyone else to indulge in it.

The interior design began to mimic the cosmopolitan way of life, drawing attention to exotic woods, rich finishes, shiny surfaces, artistic decorative patterns.

Egyptian and safari themes became more and more popular making the interior look unique and impressive.

Made of elegant materials, leather or exotic woods, with its sharp angles and geometric forms, art deco furniture is of high popularity nowadays.

You can find black lacquered cabinets, chrome lamps, zebra skin chairs, mirrored dressers and glass chandeliers in almost every glamorous house.

The style will go well even for kitchen furniture: shiny stainless steel of handles mixed with reflective surfaces and cabinets of bold geometric forms will create a great atmosphere both for a big family lunch and a romantic dinner for two.

This furniture will definitely give your apartment a discreet look and fill it with comfort.

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