Why You Should Always Use Pink Salt

Pink salt or Himalayan sea salt is something every person that loves to cook and wants to make a difference has to have. Pink salt can be used in any number of recipes and with any number of ingredients; it is great for just about anything.

This type of salt is not only popular for its color, it is also highly absorbent and comes in a variety of salts which all have different properties and strengths. Whether you want to save money or just want to add another flavor to your food, you will find a salt to fit your needs.

It is difficult to do a comparison between the various types of salt because each has unique properties that might be appealing to you. However, one thing that all salts have in common is that they are very absorbent and retain their potency very well.

The pink salt for example has the ability to retain its sodium content for up to three days. Since it is so absorbent, it is often used as a garnish in place of other garnishes such as sugar or salt.

In addition to the fact that pink salt is an absorbent, it is also highly effective when it comes to season a dish. It is very important that you choose the correct salt for the right recipe.

You can get a very high quality salt by purchasing it in bulk from a health food store or online. If you can, do not use store bought salt in a recipe that requires Himalayan sea salt, you may end up with a product that is full of artificial coloring and flavorings and your health might not be best served.

When you are buying pink salt, you need to look for an absorbent that has an above average crystal structure. Once you have found one, your main concern should be to find a salt that has a low molecular weight, so it is light, so it melts at a slower rate and so it retains its ability to retain sodium.

Since pink salt is a pretty heavy salt, you will want to use it sparingly in a dish such as mashed potatoes. It will help to season them better, but if you like to sprinkle them on your food like you see many people do, you might find that the salt is a bit too heavy to be able to stir the potatoes enough without making them soggy.

When using the Himalayan sea salt in your dish, you will need to remove it from the package and let it sit out for about fifteen minutes. Once you have soaked it, you will find that it will hold onto the moisture it absorbed while in the package.

The first time you use pink salt, you will likely notice that it does not have the saltiness that many others do. In order to get that salty taste you are looking for, you will need to keep on adding the salt until you achieve the saltiness you are looking for.

The next time you are baking and have not already added salt, use pink salt. It will allow the baking soda that you use to have a better chance of getting into the texture of the crust you are baking.

If you have not tried using pink salt, you will be pleasantly surprised at how it can change a dish for the better. With all of the options you have for obtaining a pink salt product, it is possible to find just the right one for your cooking needs.

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