Why Is Tissue Procurement Important?

The tissue procurement is designed to help meet the growing demand for clinical researchers. The bioassay used for the analytical process may come from a sick or non-diseased surgical, PMI, or an autopsy donor.

In this regard, we look at human tissue and cell cultures helping to redefine how we solve medical dilemmas such as advanced disease and more effective treatments.

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tissue procurement

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Understanding the mechanisms of cellular action is proving to be one of our most useful strengths due to current biotechnological changes.

It also includes advances in storage and related services, supported in part by a strategic partnership with Biorepositories for process monitoring and network storage. There are several tissue preservation methods and various bioassays that you can order and customize.

Geneticist is a full-service bio-repository that provides:

-Comprehensive network database maintenance

-Provide histological staining and pathological examination

Tissue preservation method

Freeze – Tissue frozen is rapidly frozen in LN2 or in a cryogenic embedding medium such as OCT and stored at liquid nitrogen or -80 ° C until delivery.

Fixed – Available as a fixative of your choice or as embedded in a paraffin block. Colored or non-stained slides can be supplied as paraffin blocks or as frozen sections. Fixed tissue can also be given in a special preservative, fresh or then frozen.

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