Why Are Energy Supplements Essential For Athletes In Australia?

Your cycling fitness program will not be successful unless you provide your body with the proper nutrition. Before you embark on a long-distance training session or road ride, it is crucial to have a good supply of complex carbohydrates. 

These complex carbohydrates are slow-metabolized and can be useful in training. You should visit https://www.aidstation.com.au/collections/energy-gels to buy the nutrition supplements that will enhance your performance in any sport.

best vegan energy gels

Basically, the gel provides a calorie boost of carbohydrates designed to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. These thick paste sachets are ideal when you need a quick boost or you can't remember to eat more real food or munch on one of the best energy bars for cycling.

Its small size makes it comfortable for longer trips, easily slips into a jersey pocket, and leaves more room for your vest, raincoat, and gear.

Many energy gels have a more runny consistency than others. At 60 ml, they have more volume in the bag but can be easily lowered. The carbohydrate source of these gels is maltodextrin which requires less water to be effective, reducing the need to drink afterward and therefore possible bloating. 

Maltodextrin also reduces the chances of stomach problems compared to simple sugar-based options. Each gel provides 22g of carbohydrates in a dose of 87 calories and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Energy requirements vary from person to person and increase in intensity. Some gels contain additives such as caffeine. 

Studies show that caffeine can increase potency when given in the right dosage. The amount in the gel is always the same so the dosage can be adjusted according to need. The gel is designed to act fast, giving you the energy you crave for a short period of time.


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