What Should I Know About Assisted Living?

Most people look forward to retirement as a chance to enjoy the freedoms and pleasures of life. Sometimes, however, we become too busy with our daily responsibilities to enjoy the time we have worked so hard for. A move to assisted living could make a big difference.

While assisted living in Utah county is generally very well-regulated and has an unusually high quality, there are many differences. People who have been to many communities know that they tend to favor those that place more emphasis on keeping residents involved and active than other facilities. 


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Prospective residents can feel this warmth and personal connection when they speak with residents about New Horizons. It is important to talk to current residents about assisted living.

Seniors who are considering assisted living will be concerned about their independence and dignity. They are typically between 65 and 100 years old with an average age of around the low 80s to mid-80s. Seniors who had previously lived alone can benefit from moving to a quality residential setting with good neighbors and a strong program. They often feel "alive again" when they are no longer burdened by being alone.

For those considering retirement a common source of confusion. The independent living arrangement where elderly people share a common space but can maintain their independence with minimal or no assistance. 

Facilities that provide better care often offer three meals per day, along with utilities and housekeeping. They also provide standby assistance and many social activities.

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