Visualise Your Goals to Help You Grow!

You are probably reading this article on your computer, or I-pad, or your smart-phone or your digital e-book reader, isn't technology amazing? You can also get the information about  Visualisation via

Look around your home or wherever you are as you read this, look at all the labour saving devices and all the technology that surrounds you that you take for granted on a daily basis.

All of these modern devices had to be visualised by their inventors before they could be taken from their minds and transferred into an actual physical product.

That is the power of visualisation.

All progress since the dawn of humanity had to be visualised before it could be turned from the intangible into a tangible thing.

Visualisation is a powerful technique for achieving all your goals.

I failed my driving test three times (yes you read that correctly:) and I used the power of visualisation to pass it the forth time.

I visualised myself passing my driving test in my mind hundreds if not thousands of times, I even visualised the driving instructor congratulating me after completion of my test, and the day that I passed my driving test I was so relaxed and confident that it was almost too easy, and when I finally pulled up outside the test centre, the driving instructor said the exact words that I had visualised.

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