Get the Effective Models of Sony Ericsson Batteries

Mobile phone battery is something very important for the phone as it gives the power source to your loving gadget. There are so many mobile making companies which are producing the batteries for particular handsets. The varieties of batteries are available in the market, all you have to select the suitable model.

It depends on the size and shape of the mobile phone. It gives the operating power to your gadget. Many new and advanced technologies and features are used in making of Sony Ericsson batteries. You can also look for sony lithium ion vape batteries online at

Here in this article I would like to explain you some of the effective models of Sony Ericsson batteries.

A Lithium Battery for All Sony Ericsson A2218z, R 300 models

This is suitable for all Sony Ericsson handsets. This particular battery is compatible with the A2218z, R 300 models only. It is very light in weight and offers the standby time of 48 hours only which is good at all.

A Lithium Model for Sony J220a, J100a, W710i, Z300a, W810, Z710i cell phones

This particular model is compatible with the above written models of Sony. It comes with the capacity of 650 mAH. It offers the constant talk time of 75 minutes and 50 hours of standby time.

Lithium models for Ericsson K310, K510, K320, T258 and T250 models

It is a Li-Ion battery that comes with the capacity of 600 mAH and takes the 3.6 volts power. It offers the constant talk time of 75 minutes and standby time of 48hours only which is not best for the long talking.

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What Makes Li-Ion The Battery Of Choice?

As a result of the reduced size and increased power hunger of modern laptops and other portable equipment, the industry had to invent lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries. The use of lightweight carbon and lithium for the electrodes makes these batteries especially lightweight and compact.

Also, the performance is superior to traditional rechargeable batteries. The primary lithium batteries in cameras and the lithium-ion batteries used in most laptops are very different. You can also look for Sony rechargeable batteries online at

As the source of power for many applications, the lithium-ion battery has evolved as the market leader since it's the invention in 1990. The explosion of the electronic consumer market has lead to the impressive popularity of these batteries, which are now used in iPods, iPhones, mp3 players, PDAs, laptops and other electronic equipment.

Energy density is the factor that determines the weight and size of batteries. With their dramatically improved volumetric energy density, Li-ion batteries allow designers to create slim and light gadgets for today's market.

Industries like aerospace, automotive and defense also have applications where the high energy density of Li-ion batteries is needed. As they have a higher operating voltage, only fewer cells need to be combined in a pack, which reduces assembly costs and improves reliability.

There are many facts that further the superior acceptance of these cells in an exploding market. Besides the higher energy density and higher voltage per cell, li-ion batteries also need longer to self-discharge, are easier to recharge and less harmful for the environment, operate better under cold temperature, live longer and are easier to manage.

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