Knowing When to Remove a Damaged Tree

Soon after a strong storm or hurricane, homeowners and community members must make critical decisions about what to do with trees that have been damaged by the storm. It may seem like a big effort, but fortunately, not all trees need to be removed permanently.

Most of the tree, in fact, only requires maintenance and can be stored. Others may find the way they are and do not require any intervention. That is why it is important to understand when the tree needs to be removed and when it is better left alone. You can look for commercial and domestic tree services in Sydney.

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You must remove the tree if the rootstock is cracked or broken. When a tree is broken at the bottom, it's impossible to fix. When the crack extends fully into the trunk would not close and the tree becomes a safety hazard. The rest of the luggage will most likely fall and should be removed.

If a large stem has slipped out of the tree, it should be removed. You may see a dark area at the top of the split – this is called the inclusion of the skin and is a good indication that the tree must be removed. Bark inclusions occur when the relationship between the branches is very weak and likely to lead to damage.

If the tree is leaning towards something, this is a major safety hazard and must be removed in this situation as well. A leaning tree will eventually fall and could harm someone, causing damage to buildings, power lines, roads, or other objects.

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