Tent Rental – Questions To Ask Your Tent Rental Company

There are dozens of different styles and types of tent rentals and thousands of tent rentals companies across America. You may need to rent a tent for a party, a wedding tent, a tent for a corporate event, but there are a few questions to ask before signing a contract to ensure you get the best hiring experience. You can also look for the best tent rental services in Napa through various online sources.

Here are the most important questions to ask yourself before your next rental:

1. How long have you been in business? You are looking for a company with years of activity. A tent rental company that lasts twenty years or more has to do the right thing, and as events get more complex, you want a company with a lot of experience. 

Many of the best tent rental companies in the United States have been in business for 50, 75, or even 100 years and these are the rental companies to look out for.

2. How long has the salesperson you worked with been in business? You may have chosen a company with years of experience, but getting a new provider with no experience in event management could jeopardize your event. It is best to negotiate with the owner or a member of the management team as they have a vested interest in making you happy.

3. What are your payment terms: Most rental companies require a security deposit to keep rental equipment that you have agreed to use. If you are unfamiliar with your rental company and the quality of the work they do, you should consider holding back at least part of your remaining payment until after the event is over.

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