Why Telegram stands out of the crowd

There are many other popular messengers. Telegram is a great choice for business. What makes Telegram so unique? Let's find out.

Secret Chat

 A chat with end-to-end encryption that empowers extremely secure conversations. This means that the server-side of these conversations is not used, and the conversation history is saved in the device's memory.

Self-destructive messages

This feature allows users to set a time limit and the message will be deleted after it expires. This feature is useful for confidential information or important documents. You can also find various English series telegram channels by clicking this link.

Cloud storage

Telegram keeps all of your media files, including conversations, and their history. You can also synchronize them if you have a new phone or log in from another platform.

Not for sale

Telegram's team claims that it will not be sold. It seems like an appropriate statement, especially when you consider the WhatsApp story that was sold to Facebook. Telegram is the best choice if you don’t want any large corporation to have your data.

The user base is growing all the time

Telegram reports that they had more than 100M users, 350K new users, and 15 billion messages per day in early 2016. It currently ranks among the top five most-used messengers in the world.


Telegram is not only a way to keep in touch and reach your target audience, but it can also be used to automate or optimize certain processes to reduce manual labor. You can also create your own chatbot to automate certain processes, such as customer consultations or order processing.

Telegram can optimize business/marketing processes as well as improve customer experience.

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