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Most new teachers starting out in the classroom are aware that while it is important to raise the academic standards of today's youth in classrooms all across America, it is the professional experience and support that they need especially in their first year of managing a classroom.

The Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative is a resourceful community of teachers which was designed by and for America's teachers. It continues to remain a strong force supporting teachers' efforts in the classroom through professional development workshops and distance learning and by sharing important and relevant information through email updates.

In addition, its community also shares concerns on classroom management issues and includes valuable tips and insights on both classroom management and lesson plans. You can also join teachers' workshops by visiting https://www.robokids.com.au/.

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Teacher Workshops offer classroom teachers a free chance to become involved in high-quality professional teaching development designed to provide the classroom support, technical assistance, and lesson plan help needed to promote professional growth and academic success.

Participants in the summer workshops for teachers are usually teachers from around the country who share instructional strategies and knowledge in each content area and for each grade level. Every summer workshop consists of outstanding teachers who are sent by their respective districts and who have accomplished high academic success with their students.


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