Transforming the Steel Industry with Carbon Capture Technology

Nowadays, industries are facing lots of challenges while iron and steel production. The steel industry is one of the top contributors to CO2 emissions. Though steelmakers are taking various steps during the decarbonization process. 

In every iron and steel industry, the main goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions reduction and the reuse of steel through alternate materials in steelmaking and their focus is to find an efficient production of long-lasting steel products. You can also get more information regarding the carbon capture steel industry via Dastur online. Dastur Energy is helping industries in cost-efficient low-carbon emission steel production through mega-scale solutions across the entire steel production value chain.  

Industries use various industries in the steel-making carbon capture process. Some steelmakers use biomass as a reductant instead of coal and implement smart carbon usage to capture and mitigate the release of CO2 emissions.

The carbon capture process includes:

  • The first process is to capture the carbon dioxide produced by power generation industrial activity. 
  • In the second step carbon dioxide- transportation is done. 
  • In the third step, the carbon dioxide is stored deep underground.

Dastur is offering a solution based on:

  • CO2 capture retrofit and generation of low carbon energy carriers
  • CO2 capturing and utilization
  • H2 based steelmaking.
  • Feedstock optimization in order to improve energy efficiency and environmental performance
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