Spray Tanning: How to Get That Perfect Golden Glow

Who doesn't want a fabulous tan without the risks of getting skin cancer, wrinkles or dry skin? Spray tanning, which dyes the color of your skin temporarily, is just the thing for you! Not only is it painless, fast and simple, you get the exact results you desire and end up looking like a million bucks without having to spend endless hours in the sun!

However, to achieve that healthy glow and ensure that your tan lasts as long as possible, here is a list of do's and don'ts to help you out.

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• Shower and exfoliate before your tanning session as it will remove all the dead skin from your body, hence ensuring that you have a long lasting tan.

Rather than using an oil-based exfoliating scrub, use a water-based one as oil will interfere with the spray tanning solution from settling properly. Also, make sure that you don't exfoliate too hard, otherwise your tan may turn out splotchy.

• Shave or wax prior to the tanning session as it will keep your skin even and doing these afterwards will exfoliate the skin and not allow the tan to develop properly.

• For best results, do not apply moisturizers, make up, deodorant or body oil before your appointment as it will inhibit the spray tanning solution from developing properly.

• Wear a swimsuit, underwear or thong, whatever you're comfortable in and remove all jewelry items.

• Tie away all your hair from your face and neck using hair ties, clips, hair bands, etc.

• Ask the assistant how to position yourself and any other questions that you may have before the session.

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