Rodent Control: Why Its Important

Rodent control is the process through which a person prevents and manages rodent infestations. This is important because rodents can be highly destructive, resulting in extensive and expensive damage to the building and its contents. Three effective ways to control rodents is preventing access, removing food, and getting rid of them. 

Preventing rodents from accessing your home is the first and most effective way of controlling rodent infestations. This can be done by covering up any potential avenues that rodents can use to gain access to your home. Things to look out for include gaps in flooring, roof sheeting, eaves and beneath patios. These should all be sealed with sealants or boarded up. 


Secondly, remove all sources of food for rodents. Without food, they will not find your home attractive. Items for removal include pet food, fruit and vegetable gardens and trees, compost, and leaf piles. All of these give rodents hope of food and no need to forage to survive. 

Lastly, getting rid of any rodents. Removing rodents prevents them from breeding and therefore multiplying. Effective methods of removing rodents include baiting and trapping them. There are a variety of baits and traps, some environmentally friendly and humane, and others which are more permanent solutions. 

From the above options, it is clear that prevention is the best manner of controlling rodents and therefore sealing your home should be considered the main priority in rodent control issues. Where required, you can then consider removing food sources and trapping or baiting them.



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