What is a Data Center?

A data center is a facility where computers are housed and maintained. It typically contains servers and storage devices, as well as telecommunications and power infrastructure. A data center can be used to store data or run applications. 

Data centers in Raleigh have become important because they allow businesses to keep their operations running even when there is a power outage or when the geographical location of their servers becomes difficult to access. 

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The definition of a data center might differ from organization to organization, but the key differences are:

• A data center is designed for high-speed data transfer and storage.

• Data centers have strict standards for airflow and power distribution.

• A datacenter contains a variety of technological components, such as servers, network switches, power supplies, and cooling systems.

A company might decide that it needs its own data center to store its corporate records or to house its web servers. A company can set up its own server infrastructure or rent space in a public data center such as one owned by an Internet service provider (ISP). 

Renters of data center space often benefit from lower costs compared to those of renting office space. The initial expense of setting up the data center might be less than the daily or monthly cost of running servers in rented office space, which can run in the thousands of dollars per month. Some companies decide that they are better off leaving their hardware at home and having a service provider handle hardware maintenance, updates, and backups for them.

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