Word To The Wise: Preparing For The Certified Sommelier Exam

The Certified Sommelier Examinations focus on a candidate’s ability to demonstrate proficiency in deductive tasting, wine & beverage theory, and both technical as well as salesmanship skills in table-side service. 

This article is meant to give you a glimpse of the process You can use to prepare and provide tips for those who are pursuing certification. If you are interested in making career in Sommelier you can enroll yourself in sommelier diploma online.

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Theory Exam

It is believed that the CMSA philosophy of theory-based curriculum is a great deal to do with the way a sommelier can be asked at table by the guest regarding any beverage that is served within the establishment. The focus is on wine, however beer as well as sake, spirits and aperitifs are also important too. 

It is therefore important to understand that geography is essential to a sommelier's information. Knowing the location of where wine is made down to a single winery (if it is required) is essential to succeed within your MS program.

Test of Taste

The exam for a Certified tasting involves tasting red and white wine and then filling out the grid in a form that follows the Deductive Tasting Method that is taught first in the Sommelier Introductory Class. The grid demands students to provide details regarding the flavor and aroma, its minerality or earthiness, as well as the usage of oak. 

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