Tips To Improve Sales And Motivate Employees

Companies live off the sales they make. However, income from the sale of goods and services can be affected by competition, the economy, and spending trends. To increase your company's sales, you need to understand what factors (both positive and negative) affect sales and take precautions that will help your company grow. One such method is to run an incentive program for your employees.

These sales incentive plans via Cataline Sales Incentives will encourage employees to perform well so that they get additional incentives in addition to annual salaries and bonuses. 

Sales Incentive Plans

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Here are some guidelines on how to create an incentive program to encourage employees to achieve more:

Assess The Situation: 

Do a little research and find out what the potential problems might be. If you find that there is a discrepancy between what you want and the employee's performance, it is imperative that you start an incentive program to fill that gap.


Set realistic and achievable goals, especially for sales promotion programs.


Employees are usually good when they know what they are getting in return for their hard work.

Training And Communication: 

Once employees know the incentives, you need to train them to pursue those goals. Communication is critical throughout this process and throughout the program. Tell them what you expect to understand their needs and that you are there to support them.

System Support: 

You need to earn the trust of your employees. This can only be achieved by creating a fair program with achievable rewards. Make sure all employees believe that you understand their situation.


Get feedback from your staff and make corrections if necessary before restarting the program.

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