Marketing Bots: Why bots Are The Future

Although in their early days, chatbots are changing the way brands communicate and thereby, market themselves. Individuals are overwhelmed by the millions of apps that clutter their digital spaces. 

Bots are replacing websites and apps where they have failed. It can answer customer queries and offer suggestions. customer support Bots provide secure messaging platforms. Marketing with bots is a great idea.

There Can Be No Denying It: Bots Are Now Marketers

Image Source: Google

One example is Facebook Messenger, which has over 800 million users. Chatbots will be the next big thing, according to Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO.

Chatbots are replacing traditional marketing methods with personal conversations that include subtle upsells. Tacobot, Taco Bell's newest bot, is an example. Tacobot will list the menu and inform the user if there is a one-plus-one offer. 

The bot will make a sale if the user accepts the offer and orders the product. This bot is your customer service; it's very efficient. Chatbots can also be smart cookies. 

They can scan internet cookies to track predictive analytics and provide suggestions based upon past searches and purchases. It's quite effective, most of the time.

All major brands today have chatbots. Amazon's Echo allows customers to order pizza and buy pens, while Microsoft's Cortana can answer any questions. Bots possess the remarkable quality of being human-like, logical, and less human-complicated. 

This sounds like the ideal relationship every brand needs with customers and the bot can help you achieve it. It's a marketing pro.


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