Best Times to Fly Your Drone

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Drones have given access to capture stunning photographs and videos that cannot be captured from the ground. In order to get crisp results, it is absolutely important to understand the timing. When it comes to the timings, you have two options. One is early morning and the other is before sunset. Make sure you understand these timings in order to get that cinematic look and feel to your footage and projects.

  1. Head out Early – Flying a drone early morning is one of the best timings. However, flying early is something not all drone operators take the advantage of flying. If you happen to shoot early morning, then take the advantage of the sun offering that golden light and touch to the footage you shoot. Moreover, shooting in the early morning helps your shot look and feel beautiful. The only drawback of shooting at this time is the flares coming from the sun.
  2. Head out Before the Sunsets – Another time to fly your drone is before sunset to capture that contrast and saturation to your footage. Flying in the evening offers you the chance to capture silhouette and purple tones of the shadows. The drawback to flying drones during the sunset is the GPS signals. Drones need a GPS signal to ensure it stays stable in the air. If the signal is lost, then the drone becomes extremely unstable leading to accidents or damaging property. Therefore, always fly the drone as long as the drone is visible to the eyes before the sun sets completely.

Apart from these timings, you can hire a drone pilot that offers professional drone services in Perth if required.

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