What Do You Need in a Cocktail Set?

A cocktail set is a collection of bar tools that make preparing cocktails easier. A cocktail set typically includes a shaker, a strainer, and a mixing Glass.

What Purpose Does a Cocktail Set Serve?

A cocktail set is a unique piece of barware that can provide a lot of value to your bar. In general, a cocktail set includes items such as a shaker, strainer, jigger, and sugar bowl. All of these items are essential for making cocktails. 

The purpose of a cocktail set is to make it easier for the bartender to make drinks. This is done by providing all the necessary tools so that he or she can quickly and easily mix together the ingredients necessary to create a drink. Additionally, a cocktail set allows the bartender to prepare multiple drinks at once, which can save time. 

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Furthermore, a cocktail set can also provide an aesthetic touch to your bar. By having various pieces of barware included in the set, you can create an attractive look for your establishment. Additionally, using different types of glassware can add some flavor and uniqueness to your drinks.

Types of Drinking Glasses

When it comes to cocktails, there are a few different types of glasses that you'll need. The most common type of glass is the martini glass, and it's used for all sorts of cocktails including the Manhattan. Other types of glasses include a highball glass, which is perfect for cold drinks like iced tea, and a rocks glass, which is often used for cocktails with lots of ice.

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