DIY Maintenance Tips For Commercial Refrigeration

Whether you are in the high or low season at your business, it is guaranteed that every commercial refrigerator that is used every day needs urgent maintenance. Regular maintenance before and during the busiest months can prevent major breakdowns and keep customers and employees happy. You can also hire the best refrigeration case cleaning services through various online sources.

Here are some great commercial refrigerator care tips to keep in mind. You can add them to your schedule as needed to stay organized and keep an eye on potential problems that can build up over time.

Clean outside and inside

One of the main reasons we get calls in to help repair commercial refrigerators is that the company or the workers in question forgot that like the floors and everything else, the cooling units need to be cleaned.

Remove any splashes or stains on the inside of the appliance and clean the outside to prevent spilled liquids from entering the parts necessary for the refrigerator to operate properly. Watch out for excess moisture which needs to be cleaned off as well.

Check the evaporator coil

The evaporator coil, like the condenser coil, is an important part of your commercial refrigeration unit. This section is next to the evaporator fan and helps assimilate heat as warm air moves through the system, which in turn helps cool the interior.

This part must also be kept clean. Keep this coil clean and tidy at all times and avoid littering the inside of the refrigerator or freezer with a lot of items, especially when it's hot. 

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