How You Can Treat Hammertoes In Towson

If you have hammertoes, then you know the pain they can cause–especially if you're overweight and have been wearing shoes that don't fit. There are ways to treat them, but it is important to get a professional opinion on your situation to determine what methods are best for you.

Hammertoes are a type of toe deformity that can occur in either of your feet. They can be very painful and often require corrective surgery. The deformity is caused by the connective tissue (tendon and fascia) in your toes becoming twisted and/or kinked. The tissue becomes tight and pulls on your toes, causing them to curl inward. If you're suffering from hammertoes deformities navigate to book an appointment with a podiatrist in Towson, MD.

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There are many ways to treat hammertoes, but the most common is surgery. In most cases, the surgeon will remove the twisted tendon and fascia and replace them with new, straighter tissue. This can usually be done through a small cut on your foot. If you're considering having hammertoes corrected, talk to your doctor first. He or she can give you more information about the condition and how to care for it.

Hammertoes are a very common foot condition. They are caused when the two bones that form the toes (the metatarsals) rub together. Hammertoes can be treated with a variety of methods, but the most common is wearing a shoe that fits properly and using a crepe bandage to help maintain pressure on the toe.

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