All About The Top Hair Pomades

Pomade is a kind of hair product, similar to gel for hair, but quite different. Most commonly, pomade is made of petroleum jelly or is water-based. The traditional pomades that were made more than 100 years ago were created using Petroleum jelly. It wasn't until the last few decades that water-based pomades began to become available in stores. 

Which one is more effective? There isn't an absolute answer to this. Most of the time it is based on the individual's preference. You can also get more information about the best hair pomade via

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The few pomades that we'll mention aren't necessarily the top, but they are the three most frequently used and sought-after.

Suave Cito Pomade

Suave Cito is a water pomade. Let's look at the few most important factors when choosing the best pomade. The first is the smell and the smell of Suave Cito is just amazing. Usually, after a barber has cut hair, they will prefer to apply some kind of hair product. 

Another factor to consider is the hold as well. If you require a more durable hold, professionals suggest that to go with the firm hold range of products. 

Murray's Pomade

Murray's is a classic petroleum-based pomade, and it is extremely durable. Murray's is recommended to those with longer hair or have hairstyles that are waiver and require that extra hold. 

You can also navigate online for more information about the best hair pomades.

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