Ideas And Plans For Small Bathroom Makeovers – Small Bathtubs

With the modern trend in bathroom design leaning towards luxury, it can be difficult to achieve this feeling with a small bathroom, but it is possible with some remodeling. Here are plans to focus on some great views and the most luxurious feature for small bathroom makeovers – the bathtub.

When it comes to small bathtubs, there are more options than you think. Just because you compromise size does not mean that you are compromising luxury. Japanese soaking tubs, space savers, and custom tubs are all great options for a small bathroom makeover. You can also look for the best bathroom makeovers via

Japanese Soaked Tubs: Also known as an ofuro, this small bathtub has a greater depth than its length, therefore taking up less floor space. As the name implies, it is designed for soaking and relaxation.

Space Saver Tub: Small bathtubs of this type were designed to take up less room. A corner model is the most popular choice in this category because it does not cover an entire wall. Like traditional tubs, this type can be equipped with luxury facilities including massage of whirlpool jets.

Custom tub: A new and often more expensive idea for small bathroom makeovers is a bathtub that is built to your specifications and includes any spa features you desire.

Remodeling a small bathroom is about doing work for you and your family. These are some ideas for small bathtub plans. There are many other remodeling designs for small bathrooms including ideas for vanities, sinks, and showers.

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