4 Easy Ways to Maintain Barclay Butera Newport Collection Bed, Linen

Barclay butera Newport collection

It is impossible to overestimate the countless benefits of receiving a good night’s sleep. As a result, we regularly purchase expensive beds, high-quality mattresses, and, even more frequently, elegant Barclay butera Newport collection bed linens. Nothing seems to make the world go by faster than sinking into a comfortable bed and snuggling in our silk or cotton bed sheets. Surprisingly, as wonderful as this experience is, most of us do not take the time to protect our luxury bed linen expenditures. You can keep the quality of your bed linen investment by following a few easy procedures.

1. Read the care labels.

Before laundry, your linen, take a few moments to read the care labels and follow the directions on the bedding products. You might think this is self-evident, but when was the last time you did it? Based on the fabric type, thread count, materials, manufacturer, and colors of your bed linen, care labels typically give highly detailed instructions for caring for your bedding. Instructions for washing vary, and one size does not always suit everyone.

4 Easy Ways to Maintain Barclay Butera Newport Collection Bed, Linen

2. Wash machine settings

Make certain you understand how to use your washing machine. Again, not every washing machine is the same. There may be numerous industry-specific symbols among the configuration possibilities. If you’re unfamiliar with laundry symbols or don’t know what they imply, do some study to learn more and prevent making costly mistakes. Understanding how to treat your linens in the washing machine will help you avoid shrinking and keep the excellent quality of your linens.

3. Type of washing detergents

The type of washing detergent you use has a significant role in protecting your investment in high-quality bed linen. Some detergents include potent cleaning agents that can degrade the colors of your fine linens, causing them to fade. Two essential things may be taken to avoid this. 1) Use gentler detergents, and 2) don’t overdo it with the detergent.

4. What about the drying time?

Overdrying your high-quality linen is unnecessary. Simply because we enjoy the warmth and pleasant perfume of the fabric softener when we pull our linen from the dryer, we tend to overdry it. Over-drying our premium linens reduces their durability color fading. How can we tell whether it’s safe to take the linen out of the dryer? A simple step can help you safeguard your money. To perform the trick, remove the bed linens from the dryer while still somewhat moist. As a result, do not leave linen in the dryer for longer than is required. And, while you’re at it, have you considered drying your linens in the sun throughout the summer? Few things smell as good as freshly laundered linen that has been sundried.


It is widely acknowledged that proper Barclay butera Newport collection bed linen may increase the quality and quantity of our sleep. Unfortunately, we frequently neglect to properly care for the opulent bed linens we have invested in it. As a result, we frequently unintentionally reduce the life and quality of our high-end bed linen. When it comes to caring for your fine linens, try some of these suggestions. Also, study the care labels to determine whether you’ve been missing a step in your linen care routine.

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