Strategies to Increase Personal Productivity in Your Business

Everyone has 24 hours a day, and the way you use them changes the world in your life and business. Here are six key strategies to increase your personal productivity so you can be more efficient in both life and business. 

You can set and achieve your goals in a new way, by using strategies you can reduce the time you spend on unproductive activities and increase your focus and concentration on the tasks that are most important. 

Keep your WHY in front of you, whenever you don't want to work in business, are bored, or just want to relax, remind yourself WHY you're in business first. This will get you back on track and concentrate on your business.

Remember your success, keep your success in mind so you can see it every day and as often as possible. They will remind you that you are a player and have experience getting things done successfully. 

Whenever you encounter a problem for which you have yet to find a solution, remember that you can solve a bigger problem than you have and you will find a solution. This peace of mind will help your mind find solutions to problems faster.

Make a list of things you need to do, make a list of things to do on a given day or half-day or night. When you write it down on paper, you don't have to memorize it and you can refer to it as often as you want. 

Prioritize the list so you know what to do first. As you complete each task, cross off the item from the list.

Avoid the time killer, while you're working on an assignment, don't focus on answering the phone or checking email. If you do, you will lose focus and it will take you another 20 minutes to fully focus on the task at hand.

Works in 50-minute intervals. We will not be able to concentrate effectively on a particular task for a long time. Work 50 minutes and rest 10 minutes. Stretch your legs, drink a glass of water, or go to the park for some fresh air. This will help you focus more on the task you will be doing next.

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