Side Effect of Thumb Sucking on Baby Teeth

Thumb-sucking is very common among babies living abroad. But it can be seen that in many countries today, parents soothe babies at a very young age just to prevent their babies from crying. Some mothers are lucky enough to see their babies suck on an ultrasound on their thumb before the baby is born.

But lately, the same habit has become a problem for many parents. Thumb sucking is very common in babies under 2 years of age.  You can also get online help to know about how to end finger sucking in children.

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How to break or break your baby's thumb sucking habit

1. Encourage your baby to suck his thumb:

Now the time has come and you must not let your baby or toddler continue to suck his thumb. Stop pushing it so that your thumb or finger stays in your mouth.

2. Don't let your child fall asleep by sucking his thumb in his mouth:

Babies have the habit of sleeping at night by sucking the thumb or bottle in their mouth. In both cases, tooth decay is a problem. Get your baby to sleep by telling stories or other means.

3. Give him an example for other little ones:

The little boy is old enough to understand his parents' words and communication. Tell or show them other children their age who are not sucking their thumbs.

4. Stop giving them more pacifiers:

Parents should decide to stop giving pacifiers to their babies or toddlers. And especially when they cry, please make them cry or use some other alternative.

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