Qualified Professional Personal Reputation Management

If you hire an online reputation management firm they use the company data as a base to create your strategy and goals. You should also set a time frame for each item so that you know when to audit them and how to adjust any necessary items.

Online reputation damage control

Once you have a clear understanding of the problem and your goals, you can begin to control it. When you are hiring a firm for online reputation management services you need to consider many things. 

Are you able to remove negative reviews?

It all depends. Negative comments can be removed and positive ones promoted to the top of your pages. 

This is a common tactic used by online personalities to encourage positive thoughts, particularly in YouTube's comments section. They are not to be blamed. YouTube is known for being some of the worst commenters on the Internet.

It can become very ugly if the threads don't get moderated. Negative comments and reviews should be deleted with care. It's not the same thing as removing an offensive comment from an internet troll. 

The first is more understandable and often necessary. The latter could send the wrong message and confuse your audience. It's best to allow negative reviews to remain, as long as they aren't disrespectful, and to simply respond to them. This is a great way to show your customers how you handle customer complaints and criticisms.

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