Know About the Mad Hatter Costume

If you know the story of Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter then you know that is always a little crazy. Created by Lewis Carroll, mad hatter has evolved from classical antiquity to today, from books to cartoons and movies as well.

This evolution gives us some changes when it comes to the costume! So, if you have always wanted to dress up as the Mad Hatter is actually quite simple! If you are looking for a mad hatter costume then you can explore

With several options to choose from evolution costume characters, you may be confused as to which one would like to follow best.

Do realize that the changes are not too drastic and that they change based on the movie and drama theater. So, if you like the original character of the book then why not follow that instead?

Cap is usually the first thing you notice because it is much larger in size than the Hatter himself! It is also a bit frayed but mostly oversized and floppy, so it looks like she is lost in the cap itself. If you pay attention to details, you will also notice that there is a fat white card attached to the hat that says "10/6."

Another known property in costume will be big teeth. When it comes to clothing, the Mad Hatter is always visible in the harsh and unsuitable clothes that just do not go together and this reflects eccentric personality as well. In addition, he always wears a big bow tie around his neck.

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