Ideas For A Healthy And Balanced Diet

When one thinks of health and fitness, especially diet and exercise, they usually think of it as something that’s expensive, tedious to prepare, and time consuming.

However, you can still enjoy quick and easy meals that are actually healthy and cost just about the same as the fast food meals that people take out everyday. To start eating healthy and balanced meals, you can first figure out the basic foods that are considered the healthiest according to expert nutritionists and dieticians.

The following foods are recommended to be incorporated into the daily diet:

Craving for Some Carbs? Go Whole Grain

Whole grain pasta has triple times the fiber compared to the semolina ones. Always go for whole grain and nothing else, as these are the healthiest.

Healthy Balanced Diet | DOL Clinic

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Skim Milk :

Milk is a natural source of D and B vitamins and calcium, some very essential nutrients that our body needs. However, regular milk contains a lot of fat, so you can do better with skim milk.

Instead of using cream in your cup of coffee, try warmed skim milk.

Munch on some Walnuts

Instead of grabbing a bag of high sugar candies from the counter, try some walnuts. They’re chock full of omega 3 fatty acids that are really good for your heart.

Enjoy Oatmeal in the Morning

Not everyone is particularly fond of oatmeal, but the easiest way to eat it would be to make it a little more watery. That way it would be more flavorful and less lumpy. Oatmeal makes you feel fuller, so you’re less likely to feel hungry in the middle of the day.

Aside from a proper diet, you must also incorporate a daily exercise routine into your life.

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