How To Use A Facebook ChatBot In Your Mobile App?

A Messenger Bot, otherwise known as a chat interface or assistant that interacts with its users, is something that has been popular and controversial in the world of online socializing. It's one of the latest crazes in the field of web 2.0.

Chatbots are essentially a Facebook application that can be configured with various Facebook services like Messenger and Facebook's internal services. Facebook Chatbot is not limited to just Messenger but can also be used in the YouTube app and the online version of Facebook.

The importance of a Messenger Bot is its ability to interact with its users and the whole concept is to help its users. The messenger platforms of Facebook has a feature that allows the users to interact with the user interface of a chat application by pressing certain buttons.

But the users cannot perform all the actions on their computer or they may lose their ability to have a conversation with their friends. Hence, it is necessary to find a Facebook Chatbot that can help the users and not limit them to just Messenger.

This is the common mode of communication that has become very popular and widely used today. While this means the users can get in touch with their friends and relatives even without using their desktop computer, the natural question arises as to how this conversational function can be implemented in Facebook Chatbot.

Before starting out on the search for a Facebook Chatbot, it is important to note that there are several chatbots that are available on the internet. So, here we will discuss some of the chatbots that have been designed and how they work.

Facebook Chatbot: A popular one among its kind is the Facebook Chatbot. The Facebook Chatbot is capable of allowing its users to communicate with it from their Facebook applications such as Messages and groups.

An example of this is the Facebook Messenger Chatbot. The Facebook Messenger Chatbot can actually be installed in the Facebook Messenger application and allows users to chat with it in the group and from Facebook Messages.

Another popular chatbot is Google Chrome and one can find it at its official website. A user can start a chat with Google Chrome through its Google Chrome Toolbar.

The Messenger Platform: The Messenger Platform is the perfect platform for Facebook Chat Bots. It is integrated into a user's account with Google account, allowing him to have access to his conversations through the Google Hangouts on Air.

The Facebook Chatbot for Android: A Google Chrome-based ChatBot for Android can be found at the official Facebook Android blog. This is a chat interface that can be installed on the Android Smart Phone.

The Messenger Platform: A similar but smaller chatbot application is the Messenger Platform. A chat application that has a plugin for WebRTC.

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