How Blockchain Technology Work

Blockchain was basically created to develop a new digital currency called bitcoin. It is an advanced technology and there are fair chances that this technology will keep growing in the coming time as well. 

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How Blockchain Technology Work: 

A block-chain is an electronic, secure, public, distributed, and a list of links notes, called blocks, are used to make books and permanent record of transactions:

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  • Each transaction between two parties
  • Each transaction record common identifier or key from both sides with a timestamp in the block
  • A block contains many transactions
  • Each block is connected using a cryptographic hash to the previous and next record so as to form a chain.
  • A set of blocks chained together to form a large book
  • Each copy of the finished book that contains all the blocks in the chain so that it contains all transactions are recorded.
  • Copies of this book are distributed among the owners
  • To change the recorded transaction, all of the “owner” of a copy of the ledger must consent.

The use of blockchain technology helps reduce financial risks because electronic documentation can be tracked easily. In addition, cutting the need for a third-person verification system. Browse online resources to know more about this growing technology.

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