Healing Gemstones In Jewelry Meanings And Qualities

Wearing a blue gemstone can bring immense good fortune and monetary gain for the native, but it needs to be worn with care as it doesn't suit everyone and can result in damage to the wearer in that instance.

Saturn is the farthest planet from the Sun, and consequently, it signifies activities of the putamen in human anatomy.  You can buy blue gems whenever required.

It lies in the outermost edge of basal and receives directions (as a dependent) and then communicates them into the basal ganglia. The blue sapphire is worn to get the favors of Saturn and conquer its malefic influences.

Since times immemorial, the planet Venus has been revered as the world of beauty and love.

It's a sign of comforts, wealth, arts, comforts, joy, and prosperity.

It symbolizes not just external beauty, but internal charm too. Much like the planet Venus with which it's associated, diamond also is a sign of eternal beauty and lasting charm.

The alluring gemstone was rightly called the Emperor of Gemstones. This valuable gemstone ensures conjugal bliss and decent health for the wearer.

It attracts luxuries and conveniences for him and is very beneficial for sailors who participated in artistic careers.

On the physiological front, this world is related to pars reticulata in the human body, which can be related to emotions and feelings.

As Rahu is the Head of the Dragon, Ketu is its tail.

The planet has effects similar to those of planet Mars. It represents liberation, believing, recovery, Moksha, and hidden wisdom. In human anatomy, this world is signified by the tail of the caudate, which exercises control over learning and emotions.

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