Green Destination – Fiji Island Resorts

Many people mistakenly believe that to be "green" they must forgo any travel plans. It is simply not true. Travelers look for environmentally friendly and green vacation destinations at lightning speed in response to the social shift of public environmental awareness.

Fiji Islands is a perfect destination considered. It is located near Australia and is easily approachable. It has everything you would expect from a good tropical luxury resort. You can also know more about Fiji Island destination via

Just knowing that you are helping to preserve the natural beauty of this island paradise will cause even the most faithful to the environment to jump for joy.

Fiji Island is designed to be a romantic destination for couples, honeymooners, or weddings. It also provides many wonderful opportunities for multi-generational families who want to enjoy relaxation and environmentally friendly activities.

While the Fiji Islands Resort has standard amenities of any luxury resort (world-class spa, award-winning cuisine, spectacular accommodations), both obvious and subtle differences distinguish it from all others. Some of the differences include:

1) On-Site Marine Biologist: This resort boasts its resident marine biologist to educate and inform guests about the delicate ecosystem of the island.

2) Waste Water System: Recycled bottles and coconuts are used to produce clean water in a beautiful lagoon.

3) Cultural-Hosts: Each day of the week is devoted to educating guests about the different aspects of the local culture and environment.

4) Organic garden: Most of the herbs, spices, and vegetables used in the restaurant come from the resorts on-site organic garden – reducing Co2 emissions from shipping products to the resort.

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