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According to consumer reports, new cars lose value after leaving dealer accounts. It doesn't matter if you add an extra mile to the car, the depreciation can be as much as 20% per year. With that in mind, you can see that it's easy for someone to find the value of a used car in a relatively new car for almost half the price of a new car. You can also take advantage of car value check via

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If you can find the right deal at the right price, chances are you can upgrade to a higher quality model compared to the new model. In general, you will save money because the value you get when you buy a used vehicle is much less than a new one.

Before you buy a used car, the best thing to do is to narrow down the model and options you want to spend. It is important to research the demand for used cars by looking at the model, options, safety features, and other elements. Armed with thorough knowledge of the particular vehicle that interests you, you can get the right car at the right price from almost any dealer.

Of course, you can buy a used car from a dealer or a private person. Understandably, you can get a better price from an individual, but he or she may not be able to prove certain things, such as The dealer can also provide a short warranty on the vehicle and, if desired, provide a free Carfax car guide.

Tips for buying a used car

* You should check whether the dealer or person is reputable or capable of keeping adequate records of maintenance, accidents, etc.

* Be sure to test the car carefully and also check if all the accessories work. Turn all switches on and off to ensure all electrical functions are working.

* Most cars have some sort of maintenance record. Get these records from the dealer or individual and if they are not available, find out where the work was done and ask about the vehicle.


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