Extra Mens Styling Options Worth Your Consideration

There are three main styles of lapels for your suit jacket to choose from 1) Notch, 2) Peak and 3) Shawl. The Notch Lapel is the most traditional and is a good bet for any place of work.

It's the one that looks like it has been extracting a tiny triangle from the lapel. The Peak Lapel can also be appropriate from the office but is much more common for special occasions such as wedding suits and race suits.

When you work in the office, the Peak Lapel may be a defining feature, making your suit jacket stand out from the crowd. You can also choose the best custom suits in Boston for looking good.

Lapel Layout Finally, the Shawl Lapel is simply a straight curve without angles-often with a satin cover. The Shawl Lapel style is used almost exclusively for formal garments like dinner jackets and smoothies-you'll never see a Shawl Lapel on a business suit!

Coat Pocket Style

Two major changes of your men's suit jacket pockets are found: 1) Straight Pockets and 2) Slant Pockets. Although straight pockets are cut against your body horizontally; slant pockets are cut at a slight angle of upward.

 Choosing a pocket design for your suit jacket is often an individual option, but Straight Pockets are also seen as a much more conventional pocket design and appear to match bigger gentlemen.

Lining Style

An important thing to remember is that the lining of your suit would be ignored by many people. Linings are not only helpful but can bring charm and personality to a jacket. The unusually patterned lining transforms the outstanding suit jacket into an average suit jacket.

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