Difference Between Air Grille And Diffusers

These days, the buildings are incomplete with the HVAC systems. In various countries, the building models are not accepted unless it has a well-organized duct system for Heating and Ventilation.

As HVAC systems are essential in each and every building, same as they are incomplete without air mask or air grilles and Diffusers (also known as “ลูกกรงอากาศและ Diffusers” in the Thai language).

Air grilles and diffusers are essential parts in ventilation systems such as HVAC because they complete these duct systems. These two components are not quite different from each other.

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Difference between grilles and diffusers:-

1) Grilles generally have straight openings, and they are installed at the opening of the duct system whereas diffusers have parallel angles plates that are moveable to different directions.

2) A Grille provides air directly without any redirection in a straight manner whereas we can set diffusers in a specific angle to direct air in a specific direction in a room.

3) Grills are static and have fixed openings, the volume is constant as long as the fan volume is constant whereas diffusers are used to reduce the velocity and to increase the static pressure of a fluid passing through a system.

We can’t deny that grille and diffusers are an important part of the HVAC systems. They are easy to install in the duct system and easily available in the market or you can buy them online. So make sure you can purchase them, according to your residential or commercial requirements.

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