Creating The Ideal Wine Storage Conditions

When you mention the word 'wine', your mind inevitably thinks of large wooden barrels that remain in dark cellars for years. Wine must be stored for a time before it can be consumed for its flavor to ripen. However, not providing the ideal storage conditions can work to the contrary, leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

If you are a wine collector, you need to make sure that your precious drinks are stored in ideal conditions. There are a few key points to consider and we discuss them below.

Temperature settings

It is important to store the wine at the right temperature to preserve it for a longer time. The ideal temperature is between 54 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, wines should be stored in a cool environment, such as a refrigerator or wine cellar cooling unit. A heated unit is the best option because it not only deals with temperature regulations but also prevents mold growth.

Although wine is supposed to be chilled during storage, it should not be served chilled. Allow it to reach room temperature before serving to bring out the real flavor of the wine.


A high level of humidity also spoils the taste and texture of the wine. Excess moisture prevents the cork from shrinking and causing oxidation of the wine. 


A wine cooler or cellar provides uniform cooling and heating throughout the unit. However, despite this, you should pay attention to the location as some wine varieties are more sensitive to light and heat than others. Red wines should be placed on the top shelf, followed by whites, and finish with sparkling ones.

Wine should also not be stored with easily rotting fruits and vegetables.

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