Considering Solar Hot Water For Your Restaurant

Federal and state incentives make solar hot water especially attractive to restaurants and bars, which constantly rinse and disinfect dishes, cutlery, wine glasses, pots and pans with hot water.

Apart from saving on gas or electricity bills, the added value is showing customers that you are environmentally conscious. So when serving up a healthy or organic menu, the limiting appeal of the solar panels on your roof also shows that you are committed to serving nature as well as serving healthy food.

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Commercial solar hot water (often referred to as "solar heat") is not suitable for every restaurant. Obviously, you need to have enough sunshine to hit your roof with a little shade, but a lot more to evaluate the properties.

The solar installer will help you get all the information a home owner needs.

Your dishwasher type. Each dishwasher brand has a specification for how much water it uses to load. The installer needs this information to get an accurate estimate.

How much is the load per week? Apart from the brand, it is helpful for calculation accuracy if your dishwasher operator can calculate how much it will cost on weekdays and weekends. You also need to look at how many bathrooms you have and a kitchen sink.

Your current gas bill. By considering the above points and your stove, grill, oven and heating system, the solar installer can find out your total gas consumption in the restaurant. Based on the annual value of your gas bill, the company's engineering and construction department can then estimate the portion of your gas bill that will be used for water heating.

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