Common Types Of HVAC Grilles And Diffusers

In this era, HVAC systems are very important in almost every building either residential or commercial. In some countries, the building designs are not accepted unless it has a proper duct system for cooling and heating.

In heating and cooling systems, air mask or grilles (also known as “หน้ากากอากาศหรือลูกกรง” in the Thai language) and diffusers play an important role. There are various types of grilles and diffusers. Some of the types are listed below.

Some Common Types of Grilles:-

  1. Adjustable grilles – This type is one of the most common types of grilles that are used to supply multi-directional airflow. These grilles are further classified into two categories: Single deflection grille and Double deflection grille.

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  1. Fixed bar grilles – This type of grille is generally used to provide an outlet with adjustable vanes that give multi-directional airflow. This is further classified into Rectangular fixed bar grille, Linear fixed bar grille, floor grille, and 4-way grille.

Some Common Types of Diffusers:-

  1. Linear Diffusers – These are widely used in VAV systems which require low resistance. These diffusers with fixed blades are designed for high air volume applications. These are made up of aluminum and available in a powder-coated finish.
  1. Rectangular Ceiling Diffusers – As their name suggests, these are widely used in different ceiling systems to provide directional airflow. These are further classified into Flush type, Plaque type, Anti smudge ring type, and Grid type.

These are some types of HVAC grilles and diffusers that are used in different areas of a building. You can choose any of these according to your building’s needs.

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