Choosing The Best Heartburn Medications

Most heartburn can be treated successfully with over-the-counter medications. If you have heart disease, especially if you haven't taken it or haven't taken a lot, it is best to start with one of the following common medicines that may work for you. 

If you have ever had heartburn then you realize that the main thing a person has is a medication that will relieve symptoms quickly. If you are taking medication to reduce stomach acid which is the cause of heartburn, you will usually feel relieved after a few minutes. Though it is always suggested that be cautious while choosing medications for treating your problem. For all these reasons it is very important to go on the adequate Generic Zantac Lawsuit so as to prevent any kind of side effects.

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Antacids are usually what people think of when they think of heartburn relief. Many of them are liquids while others are pills that can easily be chewable, both of which solve the problems faster. Even if you think these medicines are delicious, they should only be taken according to the directions on the package as they can have serious side effects. Some of these antacids contain aluminum, which can cause constipation, or magnesium, which can cause diarrhea. It is a good idea to read the list of ingredients in medicine before deciding whether to take it.

Other types of acid drugs are called H2 antagonists and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). These medications, which reduce stomach acid production, can also be purchased without a prescription. Some of the most common H2 antagonists are Pepcid AC, Zantac 75, and Tagament HB. PPIs also involve Prilosec and Prevacid. They are intended for patients with heartburn twice or more a week. 

In addition to these facts, side effects can occur with H2 antagonists and PPIs. Mild side effects can include headaches, diarrhea, and dizziness which will eventually go away on their own. More serious side effects include irregular heartbeat and tightness in the chest, extreme fatigue and weakness, fever, sore throat, and confusion. If you experience any of these more serious side effects after taking acid medicine, you should see a doctor immediately.

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