Canada Government Reform Announcement – The People Will Effect

The temporary foreign worker program receives a makeover now with the government to take some steps in the national interest. The decisive action was taken following growing dissent in the country against employers importing skilled workers from abroad. Canada announces government reform will appeal to those who feel Canadians are not considered for vacancies first. 

The Temporary Foreign Worker program has been reviewed by the relevant ministry and steps have been taken to make the necessary legislative and administrative changes. One characteristic of these changes is the elimination of flexibility in the payment of wages that employers currently have. Instead, temporary foreign workers will be paid the same wage. You can also get information regarding various common laws of Canada after clicking this link and follow it accordingly while moving there.

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The announcement of the reform of the Government of Canada suggests a greater role for the government because it can revoke a work permit if necessary. Opinion on the labor market will be used by the government to exercise greater control over the way vacancies that are filled by Canadian employers with foreign nationals when Canadians with the required skills are not available.

The reforms are also oriented towards the future, to ensure that Canadian employers have put measures in place to develop an indigenous workforce for the jobs they are hiring temporary skilled workers from abroad. In addition, the cost of treatment will be charged to the LMO by employers to save taxpayers' money. Temporary workers from abroad will have to prove their language skills in English and French, which are the official languages of Canada.

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