Building Breast Tissue To Help Understand Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that affects women. It is responsible for the deaths of more than 500,000 people each year. It isn't clear how breast cancer develops and how it becomes abnormal tissue.

There are many similarities in the way cells behave during normal breast development and cancer. In order to understand what happens during the progression of cancer, it would be helpful to have laboratory models that can replicate normal breast development. Visit this website to find the laboratory so as to examine the breast cancer tissue.

Breast cancer sample

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Breast tissue architecture:

The breast tissue is a network of hollow tubes that are lined with luminal epithelial cells. These cells are then surrounded by myoepithelial basal cells. The tissue's surrounding structure is made of stromal cells, which give it its solidity.

New 3D scaffolds have been developed that allow breast cells to grow into tissue-like ductal structures. These structures are similar to those found throughout the body. In this work, artificial gels were created that replicate the environment of breast tissue.

What's the impact?

Researchers will be able to use this new culture technique to study how breast development and lactation actually occur. They will use it to learn more about breast cancer and the abnormalities in the tissue structure.

Our own research is focused on breast density and the changes in mechanical stiffness in the tissue. This could lead to cancer. The model could also be used to help determine the causes of breast cancer and the effects of extracellular stiffness on the likelihood of developing it.

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